Cosy Hand Warmer – About Us

Where the idea for the Cosy Hand Warmer came from

In November 2011, my 88 year old grandmother was complaining of the cold in her hands. Nothing she did seemed to work for her.

So, I came up with idea of a cosy cushion to act as a hand warmer. She loved it so much, was born.
After feedback from some of our customers and further research we discovered that other could also benefit from hand warmers, it was not just the elderly who suffer with cold hands.

Hand warmers can be used to relieve a number of things:

• Muscle related disorders
• Raynaud’s disease
• Fibromyalgia
• Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Frostbite
• White finger
• Repetitive stress syndrome
• A side-effect of taking certain medication
• Toxins
• Stress
• Poor circulation in hands

Who we are. is a family run business dedicated to eradicating the discomfort from those who suffer with cold hands. We can supply hand warmers to anyone who suffers from cold hands or pursues outdoor activities.

Our Mission Statement

As suppliers of specialist hand warmers, our goal is to deliver the best of quality and design to our customers.
We work within a multi-disciplinary team tailoring our work, specific to our customer’s needs. We strive to maintain a safe, honest and caring environment, with high emphases on Customer Care and staff education. We aim to provide the best and courteous service to our customers.

Why Consider Us

• As a family developed business there is a passion in the work we do for customers.
• Established as an independent business in 2011.
• Local business in Leixlip, Co. Kildare.
• An expanding workforce currently with two fulltime employees.
• Our suppliers use only the best products and materials in the manufacture of the hand warmers.